Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What would i need to do to adequately prepare my students before the visit?

Before taking my students to the science museum, i would motivate them and get them extremely excited about it. I would have class discussions and we would make predictions about what we might see or what they would like to see. I will record all their answers on a graphic organizer.

I would also have a preview/review about all the concepts and vocabulary words we might be learning about. Introducing vocabulary will allow many of my English Learners to have a better understanding of the content and facilitating learning.

Most importantly, I would need to talk about and go over safety and rules. We must be able to fallow all the rules and procedures in order for us to stay at the museum.

We will also have a discussion about what we should take, such as comfortable shoes and clothes, lunch, water etc. and what we should not take, such as backpacks, toys, etc.

By doing this beforehand, this will prepare my students for a fun and safe experience.

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