Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm a kid at heart

By being apart of this field trip, I realized how much fun learning can be. Although I am a grown up, I was still playing, experimenting, and exploring just like the smaller kids. Integrating fun filed trips like this in our classroom will maximize our students potential and make learning meaningful.

Learning at a whole new level!

Because of the scripted, fast paced curriculum, teachers have less and less time to focus on science. Giving students the opportunity to be a part of the experience by playing, building, and exploring will be the ultimate science lesson. The Discovery Science Museum was made for just that. Their interactive, educational, grade specific activities will educate their young minds and intrigue them into the wonderful world of science.

This field trip will captivate our students!

What will I do to debrief students after I have attended the field trip?

After all the fun and learning, students would have plenty of things to talk about. In order to make this experience meaningful and effective, I would allow my students to pair-share/talk about the trip.

  • What was your favorite exhibit?

  • Talk about something new that you learned?

  • Would you take your family and friends to the Discovery Science Museum?

Alongside the discussion, We will complete the graphic organizer that we began before the field trip. We will examine our predictions and see if they were accurate. Through discussion and completing the graphic organizer, will allow me to review and debrief about our experience at the science museum.

What resource materials are available to assist my preparation, teaching?

The use of technology will be a great tool for preparing for our field trip. Beforehand, I will allow my students to research the actual Discovery Science Museum website to give them a sneak peek about what they are about to explore.

I will also have other science websites available for students to ask questions and research information. A very interesting and helpful website to do this is "Science for Kids."

What would i need to do to adequately prepare my students before the visit?

Before taking my students to the science museum, i would motivate them and get them extremely excited about it. I would have class discussions and we would make predictions about what we might see or what they would like to see. I will record all their answers on a graphic organizer.

I would also have a preview/review about all the concepts and vocabulary words we might be learning about. Introducing vocabulary will allow many of my English Learners to have a better understanding of the content and facilitating learning.

Most importantly, I would need to talk about and go over safety and rules. We must be able to fallow all the rules and procedures in order for us to stay at the museum.

We will also have a discussion about what we should take, such as comfortable shoes and clothes, lunch, water etc. and what we should not take, such as backpacks, toys, etc.

By doing this beforehand, this will prepare my students for a fun and safe experience.

What special benefits will my students gain from visiting this fieldtrip site?

For many of our students museums have only been seen through encyclopedias, books, and television. Having the opportunity to take them to the Discovery Science Museum can be one of the best things a teacher can do. Taking them to the science museum will allow their imagination twist, turn and expolde through their creative and educational hands on exhibits. Students will be able to play and learn outside of the classroom. Also, students will be able to physically see the anatomy of dinosours, discover fossils, play with tornadoes and hurricanes. Having the opportunity to be apart of, rather then just to hear about, makes the biggest difference in the world. This is learning at a whole new level!

I attended the Discovery Science Museum located at 2500 N. Main St. in the city of Santa Ana. The Discovery Science Museum is a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to assist teachers and educate young minds. It's unique exhibits, programs, and hands-on activities gives science a whole new meaning. Therefore, this facility allows, students, parents, and teachers to become intrigued in the wonderful world of science.

Discovery Science Museum

"I am going on a science adventure" Everyday that I drive to and from school, I see the famous "cube" off the 57 freeway. Today, I finally get to go in! Although I am the teacher, I can not help but to feel like a kid again.